Australian country music


Australian Music is a typical music which directly relates to the nation and the geographical location of Australia and the inhabitants of Australia. Music plays a vital role in human life; Australia is not negligible for that. Modern people of Australia tends to listen to wide range of music, few are Pop, Rock, Metal, etc. But before the westernization, indigenous people of Australia used a typical instrument called ‘Didgeridoos’ which is a wind instrument (pipe) similar to a flute or a trumpet. It is a long tube where you can blow to make sounds and there is no finger hole to adjust the sound, like a flute. Just like Didgeridoo, Aboriginal Australian people use Clapsticks, which is similar to a Drumstick to strike a drum. But the modern music of Australia is mostly westernized due to the British influence. Now many Australians are going crazy for music concerts. Large numbers of people gather for music concerts. Many Australians would go wild for music and music concerts. Australia has given many musicians and singers to the world due to its unique music enthusiasms. Just for the record, the song which ruled party halls, Cheap Thrills, was sung by Sia, an Australian singer.