Folk music

Folk Music is a typical type of which originated from a particular culture or a group of people. Folk Music can’t be expected in a particular style, like Rock, Jazz or Rap. In Rap, it is expected that it contains some Speech (mostly rhythmic), only then it is called a Rap music or Rap song. But Folk songs cannot be labeled that way and the word ‘Folk’ generally means people. Folk music is a typical music which directly related to the particular people who associate with that, meaning it’ll defer according to the culture it is associated with. For example, the Folksong of an African tribal people will use a lot of drum beats, which is a bit loud. On the other hand, Chinese people will use string instruments, and they mostly go for soft melody type. So as said above, folk music can vary according to the culture. Generally, folk music has no authorship, means the person who introduced it might not be known, and it is transmitted to their descendants orally or through scripts. This type of music will reflect the respective people’s tradition and custom. Apart from all these twisted classifications and definitions, every folk music is unique, and pleasant in its own way.